Friday, October 28, 2011

What good ISO?

What good ISO?

   ISO is a kind of scale of sensitivity to light, usually has a relationship with time of exposure and openness that have been mentioned before but is much simpler to use. In my opinion, much less use, the better and only use higher ISO usually at night. During the day does not pass 200, 100 and generally get in if you are under strong sun, use the smallest possible scale: 80, 50, 10, which is available depending on the camera.

   At night we still can use in 200 has to compensate for a possible low luminosity with a higher exposure time, 1 / 60 for example but you can use ISO 400 without any problems. What happens thereafter is that the ISO along with the use of Flash gives us a somewhat artificial coloring so I avoid to the maximum use ISO 800 or greater but is at the discretion of each.

   To summarize: During the day, lower ISO, as is dusk, far higher ISOs does not change much the colors and cause a nuisance noise, which are those granules with different colors of the real that are visible in the photos and that greatly reduce the quality image.

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