Friday, October 28, 2011

More options for Fuji superzoom

   The camera sensation of the moment, at least abroad, the HS10 Fuji did not come alone to the world of digital photography. He brought his companions S1600, S1800 and S2500HD. According to the Fuji site not all cameras will be launched in all countries but if the trend of recent years is followed in Brazil, it is likely that we will soon here as the successor to the S2500HD S2000HD and the other two may be released only one here because the three are practically the same camera except for minor differences.

   All have the same CCD sensor and same resolution of 12 megapixels generating an acceptable density 43MP/cm ² if compared to other manufacturers launching this year. The first difference is that the S1600 has 15x zoom and the other has two 18x . All are great but 2cm super macro lens aperture is not good: 3.1-5.6 in all of them; system exclusive (for now) Fuji image stabilization through a sensor that helps quite buoyant especially in long distances and the manual controls and priorities already characteristic of the S-series so successful here in Brazil.
The flash range can reach up to 8 feet away according to the manufacturer's website but do not have shoe for external flash. The LCD is 3 inch high resolution display and still have the "visual" and make the 3 HD (1280x720) but only the S2500HD features HDMI interface and this is the only difference between it and the S1800, the three are powered by 4 AA batteries.
   To summarize: There are regular cameras but they remain the low price of its predecessors can become good options for those wanting to buy a new superzoom competing with Canon SX20, Panasonic FZ35, Sony and Nikon P100 HX1.
Quick review of the new F80 also EXR

   Fuji also has invested in more compact superzoom competing with the Canon SX120, Panasonic and Sony ZS HX5 mainly because it is one more option of camera with manual controls and any other camera has its pros and cons but sympathize with this camera because it 12 megapixel sensor but with a large (greater than average), called the EXR, which does not generate a density of megapixels as absurd while maintaining good image quality with 10x optical zoom. The weaknesses are due to the terrible opening of 3.3-5.6 and has super macro, the minimum distance is 5 cm.
She makes videos in HD (1280x720), your flash reaches 4.2 meters away, has 3-inch LCD and is powered by rechargeable battery. The series F is very hard to find here in Brazil, usually is only on sale in specialist shops and I think will appeal to those who buy it for its compact format and even though a powerful zoom and for manual controls.

   It is always like throwing Fuji cameras with good technical specifications in order to exclude a certain mistrust of consumers.