Friday, October 28, 2011

Canon T2i, why this camera is so beloved?

   Lately I have received a flood of emails asking about T2i Canon (550D) and it is right that it deserves a posting here. It is a camera that appeals both too professional to be a 18 megapixel camera, allowing for large prints without costing as expensive as amateurs for their attractive features that put it above its competitors in the same price range.
The CMOS sensor it is still smaller than that of competitors but the Canon's DIGIC 4 processor up for it with benefits because many claim that the videos in full HD T2i are the best and there is the possibility of making videos in HD (1280x720) rate of 60 fps, beating rival the largest since it uses the CCD sensor that does not allow videos in full HD.
In continuous mode, it reaches 3.7 fps limited to a sequence of 34 shots, for those who like high ISOs, it reaches 12,800, and the exposure control is the great advantage of this camera because it has 63 points of exposure and age compensation ranges from -5 to +5 generating a lot more options, I believe it is more interesting for those who like more underexposed photos, like me.
Comes equipped with mode live view that since the Canon XSi uses a 3-inch LCD; flash with a maximum range of 13 meters, and is relatively light, weighing less than the competing Nikon D5000. Remember that like all other Canon DSLR that are not full frame (sensor size of 35mm film frame), it has a crop factor of 1.6 that leads, for example, the kit lens 18-55mm focal length to cover a gain of nearly 29-88mm.
Blogger's opinion: I dare say that the quality which it has demonstrated and its advantages over the competition, it becomes a better option than even the Canon 50D is more expensive and not pleasing to both amateur pictures in relation to their direct competitors. Ball into the Canon, I recommend it.