Friday, October 28, 2011

Leica V-LUX 20: Best in video than in pictures

   Did you ever get tired of reading here that I consider as the best Leica lens manufacturer in the world but this is just a personal matter. Now I want to talk about her latest release, the V-LUX 20 that you have probably seen it before somewhere (including right here) but with the name of Panasonic ZS7 . Look here .

   No, the blogger was not crazy. But it is common practice for Leica and Panasonic launch twin cameras and in this case we are not perfect as there is little difference between them, or you never realized that the famous Panasonic LX3 has a twin sister called almost Leica D-LUX4? 

The purpose of this little post is to show that Panasonic and Leica are still together, developing their cameras and sharing knowledge: The optical Leica and Panasonic Electronic resulting in my opinion the best compact point and then comes the micro 4 / 3, one must speak few of them going forward because the G Series from Panasonic is one of the most successful in this category.

   As the specifications for V-LUX 20 are the same as Panasonic ZS7 (including GPS)'ll just give a basic recalled: Sensor with small but effective resolution of 12 megapixels total of 14.5 absurd density and consequently generating a lot of noise, 12X zoom with opening of 3.3-4.9 and the famous 60 seconds of exposure (all with manual controls); 3cm macro; flash with a range of about 5 meters; 3-inch LCD high-resolution, proprietary type battery power.
But the videos? That's where the difference arises between the camera from Panasonic and Leica's sister: The MBAS do HD video (1280x720) but with the difference that makes the Leica 60fps 30fps against the demure younger sister . The movements and details are much more crisp, excellent for those who like to use and abuse of small shoots.

   Just do not think of Leica find on the shelves of photo shops here in Brazil it is very difficult but in the Free Market gives to find various models of the Leica. I always wanted one, and you?