Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick review of the brand new Canon 60D

   It was launched today to Canon 60D which looks like a collection of everything good that Canon has released other DSLR, and put it all together in a single camera, the DSLR is becoming more complete, more versatile example of Canon and Nikon, were released a few lenses as well: Current models of tele 3 00mm f/2.8 and f/2.8 400mm with stabilizer and ultrasonic motor, 8-15mm f / 4 fisheye , a new seven -300mm f/4-5.6 0 , and also announces the development of tele 500mm f / 4 and 600mm f / 4 .
A quick look at the specifications of this camera makes you think that the Canon 7D lost a little reason to exist but that's normal, every year several releases will superseding other. It is equipped with 18MP CMOS sensor; your pop-up flash follows the pattern of the maximum range of 13m Canon DSLR (Nikon always behind), 9-point autofocus and 63 areas of measurement, range of exposure compensation and comprehensive scale -5 to +5; its range reaches ISO 12800; continuous mode does not have anything extraordinary rate of 5.3 fps, Full HD images that tend to be successful, and the mobile 3-inch LCD Canon's highly successful function with live view .

   Blogger's opinion: Highly recommended for professionals only, not for amateur equipment. Costing $ 1,100 will get abroad so can expect something costing around 4,000 reais initially in Brazil and can be found in the body only version, or in conjunction with the versatile 18-135mm lens.