Friday, October 28, 2011

Fuji S1500 vs. Fuji S2000HD

   At least once a week when I open my email box I encounter someone asking what the best camera between these two title. They are incredibly cheap and easy to be found in department stores, hence the success of these two cameras as the general public does not always have access to computer stores and / or specialize in photography that usually sell much cheaper than the big magazines .

   Both have a resolution of 10 megapixels and a sensor consistent with this resolution so we will not have major problems with a high density of megapixels, it's a good start in terms of picture quality with these two cameras. But the S2000HD is beginning to gain not only by having more zoom (approximately 15x 12x against sister) masa also for having a focal length more versatile because it begins at 28mm and goes up against 33mm 396mm 414mm range against, or is more comprehensive for both nearly as far.
Both have the famous manual controls of aperture and shutter speed but the S2000HD has only one mode of priorities that is the speed, the S1500 has two; point for her. Both have an excellent super macro mode and this time wins the S2000HD: 1cm 2cm against!

  Now that the two items in his sister's S1500 wins most shameless: Your lens has a much better opening, against 2.8-5.0 3.5-5.4, and also has much faster shots and longer but neither has great prominence: The Longer shots are of S1500 on August 2 against the S2000HD 4 and the fastest to reach 1 / 2000 of the first and second 1 / 1000 second in continuous mode and the S1500 is a bit faster because it can do 1.4 clicks per second 1.1 against the competition.
The pop-up flash is present on both cameras and reach the same maximum distance of 8.8 meters and have no hot shoe for external flash. In the videos, announced the victory of the more high-tech sister (she has the remote control) which is the S2000HD as its name says: It makes videos in 1280x720 resolution while the S1500 is only at 640x480.

   To conclude, both are powered by four AA batteries, uses SD memory card, have 2.7-inch LCD with high resolution of 230,000 pixels and optical viewfinder are the electronic type, like a mini LCD with all the functions available on the screen.

   Blogger's opinion : The choice would be easy in favor of S2000HD if not for the opening of the demure younger sister who is much better, you need to assess whether this will be very important when making your clicks, an initial opening of 3.5 does not will favor the super macro 1cm long she has to offer and also the lack of aperture priority mode, but it has the videos in high definition that has no rival. I would get the S1500 because it would serve me better in features but in general, the S2000HD is the winner of this clash between sisters.