Friday, October 28, 2011

Nikon vs. Canon: The real fight of the century

   There is no more a boxing match, but the duel between the greatest giants of photography: 90% of professional photographers recommend Canon or Nikon and despite the compact have some brands that came dangerously or possibly through the front of them, the DSLR they still reign supreme, even Sony has been marketing very well using your DSLR lens similar to the Minolta but much remains to reach the top.

   DSLR incoming calls (simple but it do not cease to be powerful) can cost up to even a superzoom and sometimes even cheaper but the investment in these cameras is never ending as it needed a different lens for every type of photo you want: Portraits, landscapes, macro, etc ... and these lenses are not cheap, some top-line cost much more than the camera itself!
In the first posts of this modest blog I said that the lens is one of the most important and when it comes to DSLR it becomes more evident. The camera body is merely a kind of "host" for the lens that is who will actually make the picture, and zoom functions such opening is directly in the lens, independent of the body, then to a user who is starting to want to "play more seriously" with the picture is better to buy a DSLR input and invest in good lenses to the few already that usually that is accompanying the camera, when it comes, is pretty skimpy with little opening quite damaging the night shots and also requiring the purchase of a powerful flash.
The sensor of these cameras DSLR is much higher than those of compact and so the quality is far higher, coupled with highest quality lenses Nikon or Canon. For example, the Nikon D90 which is the best camera I've used has a sensor, 23.6 x 15.8 mm (3.72cm ²), if we compare to the G11 which is the largest of the compact and measures 7.60 x 5.70 mm (0.43 cm ²) is almost triple the size and still pales next to a Nikon D700 for example, which is called full-frame DSLR to have a sensor the size of the frame of a movie like the old cameras.
The possibilities of combining digital SLR cameras are almost endless, so I can use various lenses and generally serve in all digital models of the same brand, so suddenly that urge to paint from for a more advanced camera.

   In the next post I give a dismembered D3000 and D5000 models from Nikon and Canon XS and XSI to inaugurate the posts here on DSLR.