Saturday, May 14, 2011

Problems with Nikon D5000

Problems with Nikon D5000 

Serious problem with the camera does not let this comes on even when the button "On" and the battery fully charged.
Nikon will begin to repair since 23 July. On the web will make a list of affected serial numbers for people to send them the repair facility after this date.

If you run of bad luck that your camera falls between those affected, at least you know that Nikon bear the cost of shipping and handling, including our friends from Puerto Rico.

There are rumors on the web that indicate that this is a serious problem in this line and there will be many cameras in for repair.

For more information visit the official announcement from Nikon, and the place where it will disclose the serial numbers of affected cameras.

Do you have a Nikon D5000 and walk worried? Leave a message in this post or part of this in our forum and tell us what your plan while waiting for your camera repaired.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Types of digital cameras

Types of digital cameras

In dZoom we have seen that there is great confusion about the types of digital cameras there. This confusion is triggered when curiosity is aroused by the desire to buy a digital camera. What types of digital cameras there? What is best for each type of use? What is the one I need?. We will try to shed some light on it.

Often, they often simplify indicating that there are only 2 types of digital cameras, SLR and Point-and-shoot:

# SLR (also known as SLR) digital cameras is where the display shows the image obtained through the lens. That is the academic definition. In a somewhat more informal, SLR cameras are typically high-end models, of a certain size and interchangeable lens. Digital cameras are more professional (and expensive). Enable many manual-type controls. Examples of digital SLR cameras, Nikon D50, Canon EOS 350D and Olympus E-500.
# Point-and-shoot are those which are not SLR (a somewhat vague definition right?). They are digital cameras designed for the general public, in which raw simplicity of use and automatic modes. Are so numerous and varied group that supports a new classification:

Type SLR: These models look similar to the SLR, with very careful optics, optical zoom high magnification (typically) ... and fixed optics. They are an economic approach to the SLR. For example: Sony DSC-R1, Canon Powershot S3 IS, Nikon Coolpix 8800.
     * Ultra compact: Digital cameras are very small size, in which raw portability and ease of use. Fit in a pocket and weighs so little that only you find out you are carrying. For example: Pentax Optio S6, Canon IXUS 800 IS, Sony DSC-T5.
     * Compact: the typical digital camera for the general public. It has an optical media, a significant size and content but, above all, an excellent value for money. For example: Canon Powershot A700, Olympus SP-350, Kodak C340.

If you're thinking about buying a digital camera and not know what we recommend you take a look at the guide to buying digital camera. And once you have shortlisted a number of models can help you use benchmarking tool dZoom digital cameras. If you are still in doubt, take a tour of the digital camera forum. Good luck!