Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sony A850 | A Full Frame most current market

Sony A850: A "Full Frame" most current market

   As I said last week about the different sizes of sensors, finally decided to make room for the so-called "Full Frame" here in the Photo Easy. These are heavy cameras and the huge size of its sensor supply us with absurd image quality, high performance at high ISOs and perhaps for that reason, do not usually have built-in flash, and do not have the so-called scene modes that have been developed for experienced photographers . There are also lenses that do not work on them due to crop factor, absent in sensors of this size. And I warn you: The Easy Photo NOT full frame recommended to anyone! This is the last stage of addiction to photography, I will not be responsible for the entry of anyone into rehab. That said, let the first of 3 such cameras here: The Sony Alpha A850 .
SLR Sony have some peculiarities as a stabilizer present in the body, regardless of the lenses to use, through displacement of its own sensor manufacturing. Moreover, she inherited the bayonet and the shoe reversed successful Minolta . Unfortunately, here in Brazil, the Sony DSLR are found so easily, but its accessories. Due to the shoe upside down, only the Sony and Minolta flashes can be used, and eventually, those manufactured by other brands but the shoe developed for Sony , can be used adapters. But in an impromptu, no flash using Canon or Nikon for not running the risk of burns with the light popping on the forehead of the photographer ...
Its specifications can be pretty conservative (she makes videos, for example) but bear in mind that cameras are solely for business use, nobody will invest thousands of dollars on a full frame to do HDR panoramic and other techniques in vogue lately. With 24MP resolution , it arrives at ISO 3200 with very little or no noise, can be expanded up to 6400 with a sound quite acceptable. Their firing range from 1 / 8000 30 / 2 and not forgetting the bulb so that exposure is continuous while the button is pressed.
Still has 40 areas of measurement of light; exposure compensation range between -3 and +3 to 3fps continuous mode, 3-inch LCD with high resolution; card slot, Compact Flash and Memory Stick , 9-point autofocus; double BIONZ processor , and achieves its 98% viewfinder field of vision.
   In this series of full frame models will not have the traditional view of the blogger "because as I said at the beginning of the post, the Photo Easy will not recommend this type of camera to readers. Buy at your own risk.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The best camera is the one you're on top

The best camera is the one you're on top

There is no doubt that SLR cameras are superior performance. But they are also superior in size and weight. Ergonomics is an essential element for professional photographers, but not for many fans. If you're going to take the camera lazy about their weight and size, simply choose a camera that will not cost you carry work.

If you are using automatic mode

We recommend that you buy a digital SLR if you're going to use exclusively in automatic mode. SLRcameras incorporate a multitude of checks and offer many possibilities, but we must take the time to learn how to use them and exploit them. If you do not require manual control capability, probably no noticeable difference between the photos you could do with a good compact and a DSLR.

The camera takes the picture: the photographer who makes

Too often people want to take a look at examples of pictures that the camera do this or that, thinking it's the kind of pictures they could do themselves with the same model. Perhaps this belief is a marketing success, but far from real. The great artists are able to do artwork with mediocre material. So do not you buy a digital SLR to believe that the quality of the camera is going to ensure spectacular photos.

Do not pay for features you will not use

Digital SLRs are worth some money. And they are conditioned by the acquisition of a good goal, which is worth even more money. If your profile is of type point-and-shot and walk right budget, do not pay more for many of the features incorporated into the DSLR and you will not use.

Require more care

One of the problems that are typical users of digital SLRs is dust and dirt that accumulate on your sensor, and make unwanted items appear in the photos. Fortunately, some models are beginning to incorporate cleaning systems ultrasonic sensor. But a DSLR needs to be more sensitive and careful. If you also intend to use in extreme conditions and the camera is damaged, it is best if it does not cost you a good sum is not it?

The best camera is the one that suits your needs and your pocket

In short, the correct choice of the digital camera are unaware of your needs: what you want, what you expect and what you value. Pay only for the features you'll use. Think of the budget that you have: the fact that you have money does not mean you have to spend it all. Maybe the camera you need, costs less than you think ...

And finally ...

And as a compendium to end up deciding whether an SLR what you're looking for, you ask ... What do I need to do my next digital camera can not do a good compact?