Friday, October 28, 2011

Canon SX120: Manual controls that fit in your pocket 

   I noticed a great inconsistency in the blog that I will correct today, always indicate the Canon SX120 as current cheapest option with manual controls, but even did a post about it. Today, this injustice will be remedied as long I stuck to superzoom large.

   First of all I want to go back two years ago when it was easy to find cameras with manual controls for small business: There's the Panasonic LZ series, the A series from Canon today is just automatic, until 2008 was full of models with manual controls from the series A5xx; Samsung S series of very low cost that surprised me very much, and the first H-series cameras from Sony.
Today the options are few, companies are increasingly turning to the public that just wants to point and shoot and the new models end up being redundant. There are many cameras from the same companies that do the same thing, without any news and why it is necessary to congratulate Canon today that the company is certainly more versatile because it has affordable prices and models for all types of audiences.

   Coming back to the SX120, it is not better than its predecessor SX110 because in addition to increasing the resolution, the sensor has shrunk. Again the same sensor but with 2-megapixel SX100 more (10MP), but she still displays an acceptable density of megapixels if you compare the standards of the cameras released since last year. And when I said in the title that it fits in your pocket is because besides being the best in class, is the cheapest, it even fits in your pocket literally but with a bit of trouble ...
   Like its main competitors Sony H20 and Panasonic ZS7 , has its pros and cons and it is not spectacular but no camera in its class becomes the best option due to lack of competition. The lens is exactly the same as its predecessors with a 10x zoom and great opening of 2.8-4.3 but the initial focal length is 36mm disadvantaging pictures in shorter distances, could be a little smaller. Your pop-up flash is about average, reaches 4 feet away but recycling is very slow because the delay between one picture and one can reach 12 seconds, maybe it reflects the duration of their cells they can do about 400 pictures with a load, one of the cheaper cameras I've seen.
Could not miss the traditional super macro 1cm present in almost all Canon, have a 3-inch LCD but no optical viewfinder; does VGA video (640x480) that have never been the forte of the company and has long exposure to near-standard Canon 15 seconds and your shots can be made faster in 1 / 2500 second.

   Blogger's opinion: It is a camera that clearly strives for quality in photos, is above all in his category who prefer to invest heavily in video and other trinkets, its flash recycling is very slow and lacks an optical viewfinder or EVF has but other items as the camera compensates 1cm macro, great opening and saving a lot of batteries. It's not a super machine but is the best in its category, tá recommended!