Friday, October 28, 2011

Panasonic FZ35 vs. Canon SX20

Panasonic FZ35 vs. Canon SX20

   Here is another pair that is often required in the photography forums, I would say is the biggest rivalry of the moment, the cameras cause more questions to prospective buyers, although not better than their predecessors Panasonic FZ28 and Canon SX10 they are practically the same cameras but with increased resolution only.

   The first difference is that Panasonic is powered by battery type owner and Canon for 4 cells, there is the customer's taste: The first reloads much faster, the second lasts much longer, everyone decides what they find most important. Remembering that these characteristics are not related to these two cameras and necessarily so, to all cameras. In short: Camera battery = More photos with the same charge / Camera Battery = Less wasted time loading it.
Cut to the chase, we will "dismantle" virtually the cameras and know what's inside. There are two cameras with 12 megapixel sensor the same size, Canon has 20x zoom from 18x Panasonic, in addition, Leica and Canon lenses are almost equivalent, a slight advantage for the first offsets the lower zoom generating up to a draw here technical matters between the two.

   The thing begins to heat up with the macro mode that Canon is at 0cm (say you can touch the lens at the subject but lack the lens opening) and the Panasonic is 1cm, which does not cease to be so spectacular, speaking of Panasonic opening win in this regard: 2.8-4.4 2.8-5.7 against the competitor, so good that the Canon's zoom is bigger but not so much for all this difference, the shutter speed the Panasonic is relentless in long shots : Its the traditional 60 segundos play 15 seconds of the Canon in the trash with the aggravation of these 15 / 2 can not be used in manual mode, only the specific mode of firing slow, since the advantage in quick shots is the Canon reaching a maximum 1 / 3200 to 1 / 2000 rival.
The Canon gives the change in the requirement for external flash shoe that the FZ35 does not have, but in flash it is better than the Canon (novelty, AFFF): 8.5 meters maximum range versus 6.8 meters. Both have support for the RAW format for those who like (the Canon only using the software CHDK), HD videos of 1280x720 pixels, electronic viewfinder with diopter to adjust the picture very useful to those who wear glasses like me. The Canon's LCD is slightly smaller (2.5 inches versus 2.7's rival) but much more functional for the various angles that their mobility allows.

   The continuous mode from Panasonic is a little disappointing, much faster than the Canon but limited to 5 pictures in sequence (very little) while the Canon is unlimited. The FZ35 impressed by the lightness is surely the superzoom large lightest I've ever seen, much more comfortable than its competitors because it is perhaps a little smaller
Blogger's opinion: These cameras are very pairings and although I prefer to opt for FZ35 batteries because the opening is much better using enough zoom, slow shutter mode from Canon is a disappointment and these two items in my opinion are more relevant that the lack of a shoe for flash and an LCD mobile as the Canon. The decision is tight and I would also like to read other reviews about these two different cameras.