Friday, October 28, 2011

New camera category Sony puts into question the system NEX

   Sony launched four cameras today, two of them are DSLR ( A560 and A580 ) but I only give you this post from news of the day: The new SSS system, which has a fixed mirror (it does not go up as the DSLR) translucent and promises to greatly increase the speed of the autofocus. New? Not so, Canon has used a similar system in their SLR in the 60s and a few years after Nikon also followed this path, but in a digital system is indeed a novelty.
The two models of this new system, A33 and A55 are identical twins with only two differences: The first has 14 megapixels of resolution and the second has 16MP and integrated GPS, from now I'll quote the most relevant and technical specifications that are common to both machines : CMOS sensor with crop factor 1.5 (similar size to the Nikon APS-C); make images in a 16:9 (unusual DSLR) ; stabilizer in the camera body (the traditional Sony) flash with a range of 12 meters; 15-point autofocus, ISO up to 25600 ; Alpha lens mount, up to 10fps continuous mode, landscape mode which is popular among users of Sony; Full HD videos with 30fps rate, 3-inch swivel LCD and high resolution, so live view , accepts SD and Memory Stick, and a weakness that is the electronic viewfinder.
A big attraction of these cameras is that they have that look of DSLR but the size is small, similar to Micro System Cameras 4 / 3, NX from Samsung and Sony itself NEX, and now comes a big question: If these cameras are the size of the sensor NEX and have virtually the same, why is there cameras NEX? Weird, huh? Even more than the difference in price abroad is only $ 50. If anyone has an explanation for it, share the information with friends of the blog.
Blogger's opinion: They start costing a bit expensive, the same as a Canon or a Nikon D5000 T1i, is only worthwhile for those who have difficulties with manual focus. Who has mastered this should continue with Canon and Nikon here in Brazil or abroad who can buy, it is a better option than the micro 4 / 3 due to sensor size.