Friday, October 28, 2011

Pentax X90 | I love Pentax X90

Pentax X90

  Here is a mark of great international success, admittedly strong market of photography for many years but that does not invest in the Brazilian market, so maybe it is quite unknown to the general public but the blog can not ignore the Pentax and its latest superzoom model, the X90 , which was officially launched in February this year.
By having 26x zoom it becomes competitive with Nikon P90 and P100, Olympus and Fuji HS10 SP800. Pentax I've never used one but from what I hear about her mate and the quality of their lenses in compact DSLR to believe in image quality debunk the Nikon.
Its focal length ranges from 26 to 676mm, a wide angle very good but can expect a lot of noise, distortion and all types of chromatic aberration when using your zoom to the maximum, as in any superzoom, the opening is quite satisfactory and 2.8-5.0 as has the 1cm macro, it becomes a very attractive and versatile equipment, has a resolution that is becoming standard this year with a 12 megapixel sensor, 0.28 cm ² also standard.
  A point that calls attention to an announcement of this camera is the triple noise reduction . Ideally, the optical image stabilizer is in order to minimize distortions, but this announcement makes it clear that it must have optical image stabilizer, digital still and the displacement sensor; believe this jumble is not beneficial to the outcome of the photos. There is nothing positive for pictures with long exposure, reaching a maximum at 4 seconds but has a very quick shot of 1 / 4000 second; powerful pop-up flash with range up to 9 meters; does 1280x720 HD video ( only with make CMOS sensor Full HD ), uses SD card is powered by battery type owner, has 2.7-inch LCD and EVF have.
Blogger's opinion: Like I said, never used a Pentax but believing in the reputation and quality that have Pentax lenses is a strong competitor of the P100 and Nikon is cheaper abroad. As some stores here in Brazil have the X90 for sale, I would venture to buy it. Tá recommended.