Friday, October 28, 2011

Sony doing pretty

Sony doing pretty   Sony seems to follow in the footsteps of Fujifilm's adding new features in their cameras to capture a market share of international photography, as outside it is not as well accepted as here in Brazil. I believe that a search like "Top of Mind" here in Brazil, about 50 to 60% of people respond that the first brand that comes to your mind when speaking of cameras would be the Sony but it has its value and you can not deny the Sony quality standard despite not being a favorite of mine for photography.

   Although not a traditional lens manufacturer Sony has always relied on giant Carl Zeiss, this very traditional and many years making high quality lenses for Sony DSLR, but never managed to maintain that level of quality in the compact and now Sony throws up their Sony G lenses in most compact launched since last year. Still not able to test the effectiveness of these lenses but how they are being used in Sony's compact main signal that are not there to play.

   Two interesting models that Sony released this year are HX5 TX7 and who bring the same CMOS sensor and released last year WX1 HX1. This sensor Exmor called perhaps the best of which are compact on the market because if on one hand the Sony has only regular lenses, she always made up for it with high quality sensors.

   The first good news is that unlike other brands that take 6 months after its release to be marketed in Brazil, has already HX5 TX7 and on sale around here, stores in espcializadas photo already has these models available but at prohibitive prices also it costs nothing to wait a bit. Meanwhile let us know a little about these cameras
The opening is not the strong point of them since both have a maximum aperture of 3.5 and TX7 (Carl Zeiss) gets 4.6 with 4x zoom and HX5 (Sony G Lens) gets 5.5 with its 10x optical zoom. High point of the TX7 is 1cm macro photography while HX5 has only 5cm but the thing is reversed when it comes to exposure, the TX7 allows only 2 seconds of exposure while HX5 reaches 30 seconds, which is quite something!

   Both have large LCDs: O HX5 is 3 inches with a resolution of 230,000 pixels and measures 3.5 inches from TX7 with extremely high resolution of 921,000 pixels, features of the acclaimed Sony's T Series. The videos are also strong point of this pair since the two film in Full HD (1920x1080).
Now an important news: Sony begins to offer support popular SD, was the last camera manufacturer that has not allowed this in the footsteps of Olympus and Fuji that are slowly abandoning the expensive XD. Who would not buy Sony because of different memory card can now change their minds from now.

   Finally, the last appeal of these cameras: Screen technology with touchscreen in TX7, another feature of the T series and a compass and GPS system in HX5, besides the wide mode that Sony is amazing that just go turning the camera after pressing the shutter button is available in two models. Manual controls are only seen in HX5 following characteristics of the H series from Sony.

   Two models for two different types of consumers who will appeal for its quality but also very expensive, we see that in a few months if the acceptance will be good.